Month: June 2017

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Lomography and Pinhole on steroids

The chocolates maybe gone but the pleasure is certainly not. At first I wouldn’t have thought I’d be having so much enjoyment with a homemade camera. See the results from the multiple aperture pinhole camera.

Multiple Aperture Pinhole Construction

How-to: The Chocolate Box Pinhole Camera

The real joy of pinhole is surely in the making, the playing and the learning from the results. This is a how-to guide to make your own multiple aperture camera.

Let's go swim, Jadrida - Šibenik

Have you got $5 Camera ?

Wouldn’t it be fun to use cheap and neglected cameras to show the world you don’t need the latest and greatest gear to make exciting images. While at…

Pinhole Conversion – Dacora Dignette 1962

What to do with this broken retro camera called the Dignette ? Pinhole madness with a 35mm camera fit for the scrap heap.

The Kodak Brownie Cresta 1955

The Bakelite Brownie Box otherwise known as the “The Kodak Brownie Cresta”. Kodak enjoyed using the moniker “Brownie” to sell their wares as long as possible. Of course…

The $5 Camera Project, Combinesch,Graz

Exhibition @ Combinesch, Graz

A great night at Combinesch, Graz where the first images from the first couple of $5 cameras were on display.  Keeping with the project simple and straightforward using…

Kodak Colorplus Film under $5

How can a small little camera bought for € 4 produce anything of merit ? Well I’m glad to say and believe it  can certainly deliver. A solid…

Canon AF35mm Camera

Canon AF35M – “Autoboy” 1979

How I came to find this camera More cheap thrills, this time with more frills. You got it Auto Focus and Auto Exposure, what a luxury! aka the…

Agfa Silette L

Agfa Silette L 1956

How I came to find this camera This is what I came across on a Friday afternoon at a flea market selling old camera bits and bobs in…

$5 Dollar Camera

‘Cause cheap thrills await you …