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Lomography Fisheye Camera

Getting weird and wacky with the Lomography Camera with some Lomo 800 film in Graz, Austria. I picked up the Lomo Fisheye Camera at the local flee market…

Fisheye Lomography

Flee Market Bargains

Two awesome purchases today at the flee market! It’s a hot summer here in Graz. Yet again it was time to venture out before the midday sun rises….

It’s 1986 Duran Duran and a Pentax

Pentax Zoom 70 – The world’s first zoom compact camera which entered the market while Duran Duran were on the Top of the Pops with their hit song Notorious….

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The Redscale Funk Film

Redscale is where color film is exposed to the light cheekily from the backside of the film instead of normally from the front. I hope that wasn’t too rude for you.

A broken camera with a wind of its own

A fully functioning automatic camera for one euro!  Get this, it even had film inside. A broken camera with a wind of its own! I was about to lose all hope when I saw the developed negatives

Pinhole Conversion – Dacora Dignette 1962

What to do with this broken retro camera called the Dignette ? Pinhole madness with a 35mm camera fit for the scrap heap.

Kodak Colorplus Film under $5

How can a small little camera bought for € 4 produce anything of merit ? Well I’m glad to say and believe it  can certainly deliver. A solid…

Canon AF35mm Camera

Canon AF35M – “Autoboy” 1979

How I came to find this camera More cheap thrills, this time with more frills. You got it Auto Focus and Auto Exposure, what a luxury! aka the…

Agfa Silette L

Agfa Silette L 1956

How I came to find this camera This is what I came across on a Friday afternoon at a flea market selling old camera bits and bobs in…