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Solargraphy in Graz, Austria

This is a follow blog post to Pinhole Solargraphy I posted a few months back. In fact in July 11th. It’s now it September 11th when I decided to…

What do when the beer is gone ? – Pinhole Solargraphy

The Story A roof party was declared just after work. Of course beers would be supplied. Definitely an essential item for sunny weather and masquerading on the office…

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Lomography and Pinhole on steroids

The chocolates maybe gone but the pleasure is certainly not. At first I wouldn’t have thought I’d be having so much enjoyment with a homemade camera. See the results from the multiple aperture pinhole camera.

Multiple Aperture Pinhole Construction

How-to: The Chocolate Box Pinhole Camera

The real joy of pinhole is surely in the making, the playing and the learning from the results. This is a how-to guide to make your own multiple aperture camera.

Pinhole Conversion – Dacora Dignette 1962

What to do with this broken retro camera called the Dignette ? Pinhole madness with a 35mm camera fit for the scrap heap.