It’s time to clean up my act. The Agfa Clack I is pretty much an all plastic bakelite affair. The camera is 6×6 medium format. I picked it up recently for a mere two euros!

The plan is another selfie stick and string job. I had made one before which was also with an Agfa Clack but on 6×9 format. This will be a fun selfie stick I hope to use in Ireland for a bit of fun.

Now the real reason I’m off to Ireland, is for a wedding. Actually my sister’s in fact. Even though I’m a photographer of sorts, I do wish to participate in the family event and not be taken up by the tasks of shooting a wedding. So I’m ever so glad another Irish photographer – Corin Bishop will be doing the necessary. It’s real a big deal to photograph a wedding. A mad load of work and many hours.

I on the other hand have been given the task of videographer. Which my sister’s believes is a far easier task. Little does she know. However on the plus side, I’ve only the church and some speeches to record. So no pressure at all. I brought two Go-Pro’s, Fujifilm XT-2, a mobile phone gimbal and a sound recorder – as I a said no pressure!

I was going to spray the camera pink or white for the wedding festivities with golden stars.

So apart from all the video equipment. I’ll be bringing a Yashica Mat 124 6×6 medium format, 6×12 pinhole camera and of course the dirty Agfa Clack I. The little Clack in fact cleaned up quite nicely. I was going to spray the camera pink or white for the wedding festivities with golden stars. But I had to reconsider once the little black number started to sparkle.

The Clack may well be a cheap device but it has a certain style to it. Kind of avant-garde. This one in particular has a lovely black bakelite look with the typical parallels lines from the nineteen thirties. Now attach it to my selfie stick with some string and it’s set. Set for a fun novelty attraction at the wedding. I’ll be using some Lomography slide film to add some funk to the eventful images hopefully produced by the silly stick! I’m sure it will be contagious by its nature. As always with $5 camera it’s about cheap thrills.

So I’ll keep you posted on what happens next …