Sometimes you never wonder where and how you going to begin a new project. I had bid on Ebay about 50 items to get cameras for under five dollars. Over the course of the waiting period of the auction, I was out bid every time. So Ebay wasn’t the solution. So the question where do you find a camera ?

It was time to go to ground. Get out and about. Which of course is what this project is all about. Yep fallen again into the digital pit, blinded sighted that all solutions must be online. And in it’s essential I guess is what 5 dollar camera project is about. Rediscovering the world again before the advent of binary denomination. Or breaking the mindset if it isn’t new technology it must be broken or inferior.

Happily the truth is not so. The variable world and the analog way is still very much alive. Which is part and parcel how humans and nature still interaction with each other. (At least the human part has too live this way.)

So back to it, finding cameras are actually quite easy. You need nothing more than a few coins and your feet. In my case that would be the faithful old mountain bike. The destination is that every Sunday car boot sale market. This in fact is quite popular occupying two large car parks. Flea markets and car boot sales are probably one of the best sources to find cameras for next to nothing.

Choosing a camera under $5

  • Avoid electronics at first and cameras which need batteries (unless the light meter is decoupled).
  • Avoid corrosion and ensure there’s no fungus in the lenses. 
  • Hold out for something special, there’s plenty of 

How to check if the camera is working.

Shutter, Aperture and Focus these are basic thing you need to check when buying any camera.  For the shutter it should fire for the longest and shortest times on the camera. You should be able to hear the difference in length by the sound the shutter makes. 

Some Tips for Electronic Cameras

  • Bring 4 x AA and 4 x AAA battery along when buying at a fair or market.
  • Take also a Polaroid 600 film pack if you wish to test a Polaroid camera.

Repairing an old camera

Remove corrosion –

Some video below to get you started. YouTube is a great resource to fix up old camera.