Getting weird and wacky with the Lomography Camera with some Lomo 800 film in Graz, Austria. I picked up the Lomo Fisheye Camera at the local flee market for 5 euros.  It even had some Lomo 800 ISO film inside. Already to shot. I took the camera to the Auster swimming pool and downtown Graz main square. On the square a local called ‘Uwe von Graz’, an artist with his golden motorised bike.  There’s  a satellite dish bolted to the back of it. The dish is to send peace to the world. It’s his arts project. He parades around the streets of Graz on a regular basis. His beard is only on one half of this face. I think he has new project, still on the motorised bike with an American flag and the bike’s front half is now sprayed red.